Gold Basin

Stone, chondrite, (L4). This meteorite was found in 1995 in Mohave County, Arizona.  Several thousand stones have been found by meteorite hunters in the years since. The strewnfield is very large and is considered the oldest in the USA! Over 150 kilos are known. Gold Basin is the first meteorite that I personally found! It was a 14 gram fragment, I still have it in my collection. The Gold Basin strewnfield is now almost depleted, very little is being found.


Gold Basin 1: 385 gram individual. $481.00

Gold basin 2: 179.5 gram individual $225.00

Gold Basin 3: 119 gram individual. This piece is unique in that it is totally covered in desert varnish. That means that it was on the surface for hundreds of years.  $150.00


Gold basin 4: 22.02 gram individual SOLD


Gold Basin 5: 20.21 gram endcut SOLD



Gold Basin 6: 11.04 gram slice SOLD