Glorieta Mountain

This spectacular pallasite was found in Canoncito, Santa Fe County, New Mexico in 1884. Since then, hundreds of pieces have been found, from less than a gram to ~30 kilograms. Glorieta Mountain is one of the most beautiful of the pallasites, a very fresh one, surely a fall from less than 200 years ago. It is known for perfect stability, gorgeous green to golden crystals, and very nice etch pattern. I have searched many times in the strewnfield, and found only five small meteorites weighing a total of less than 50 grams. There is actually very little of this meteorite ever for sale on the collectors market.


  Glorieta Mountain #1, split individual, total weight of both pieces 93.0898 grams. $3700.00

I want to keep these pieces together, not sell separately.

This is one of the most unique and beautiful of the Glorieta Mountain meteorites that I have ever owned.  I bought this piece from the finder, then split it in half, and was very surprised to see the odd-shaped angular olivine crystals.


    Glorieta Mountain #2, 29.4062 gram partslice $1470.00

Glorieta Mountain #2, backside photo.  You can see that this is a spectacular specimen, with fantastic etch pattern and beautiful green crystals.


Glorieta Mountain 3: 9.34 gram individual with crystals. $280.00


Glorieta Mountain 4: 8.96 gram indvidual with crystals. $269.00

Glorieta Mountain 5: 8.368 gram individual with crystals. SOLD