The Gao meteorite is an H5 chondrite. Thousands of stones fell on and around the village is Leo in southern Burkina Faso on March 5, 1960. Gao is a very nice chondrite and is a very significant large fall. I have sources in the area who still buy stones from the impoverished locals and ship them to me. When the meteorite fell, they were trading them for rice gram for gram!


Gao 1: 201.4 gram individual. $400.00

       Gao 2: 192.1 gram individual $384.00

Gao 3: 112 gram individual. $224.00

    Gao 4: 161.4 gram individual. $322.00

Gao 5: 102 gram individual. $204.00

       Gao 6: 73.4 gram individual. $147.00

Gao 7: 48.1 gram individual. SOLD

Gao 8: 38.90 gram oriented individual. This is a superb specimen with many flow lines and complete rollover lipping around the flat backside. $250.00

Gao 9: 12.35 gram oriented individual. $74.00

Gao 10: 8.50 gram oriented individual. $51.00


Gao 11: 8.50 gram oriented individual. $51.00

Gao 12: 13.23 gram oriented individual. The photo shows it all, look at the flat backside with hundreds of bubbles in the rich black fusion crust! This piece is button-shaped, with many flow lines from top to the edges. $92.00