Stony-iron, Pallasite, (PAL). This meteorite was found by a farmer in Chabut province, Argentina, in 1951 while digging a pond. Esquel is the undisputed KING of the Pallasites, it is large, fresh, stable, and has the most beautiful translucent emerald-green crystals. The main mass was purchased by Robert Haag, and almost all of the Esquel ever found on the market is cut from his piece. Esquel has been rising in value, in the last four years alone it has more than doubled in price, and will only continue to do so. These pieces are for the highly discerning collector.


  Esquel 1: 51.61 gram etched partslice. $2000.00

64 mm by 61 mm by 5 mm

Esquel 2: 195 gram partslice. $7500.00


Esquel 3: 14.776 gram partslice. $590.00

40 mm by 37 mm by 3 mm polished not etched


Esquel 4: 32.423 gram partslice. $1300.00

54 mm by 41 mm by 3 mm polished, not etched but can be if requested.


  Esquel 5: 2.07 gram partslice. $105.00

Esquel 6: 6.92 gram partslice. $350.00