The Djoumine meteorite fell on October 31, 1999 at 7:00 pm in Banzart, Tunisia. A shower of stones fell, with only 9 kilograms being recovered. At least 7 stones were found, mostly by children near the village of Djoumine. This meteorite is classified as a chondrite, (H5-6) and is a nice breccia. Most of the stones were sold intact, so very little of this meteorite has ever been distributed to the meteorite market. These are all very fresh nice pieces.


Djoumine 1: 22.27 gram fragment. $335.00

Djoumine 2: 6.472 gram partslice. $97.00

 Djoumine 3: 6.23 gram endcut with crust. $94.00

Djoumine 4: 9.91 gram partslice. $149.00

  Djoumine 5: 8.42 gram partslice with crust. $126.00

                 Djoumine 6: 5.04 gram partslice with crust. $76.00