The Dashoguz meteorite fell on September 5, 1998 outside the city of Dashoguz, Turkmenistan. A small crater was found with ~7 kilograms of fragments surrounding it. This meteorite is a chondrite, (H5) and is quite fragile, with some large metal nodules scattered throughout!  I bought the first piece to ever been offered on the meteorite market. I got 1.7 kilogram and all of these pieces are taken from that large piece.  There is speculation that this is paired with kunya-Urgench, and the similarities are enough to suggest it may be, but it is an official meteorite, in the bulletin, so will stay as it is. Since I have never seen a piece of Kunya-Urgench that was not highly weathered, and this one is as pristine as it gets, it makes me think that this is a unique fall as it is classified.

I won't get any more, so when this is gone, that is the end of it. If you want a piece of this fall, get one now.

Dashoguz 1: 107 gram cut fragment. $1000.00

Dashoguz 2: 155.1 gram fragment. $1500.00

  Dashoguz 3: 38.56 gram partslice. SOLD

Dashoguz 4: 31 gram partslice. $310.00

Dashoguz 5: 18 gram partslice. $180.00

Dashoguz 6: 4.75 gram fragment. SOLD