Cumberland Falls

This extremely rare Aubrite fell on April 9, 1919 at noon in Whitley County, Kentucky. Several stones fell, with a total known weight of only 14 kilograms. Cumberland Falls is an Aubrite, one of only 16 ever found, and it is BEAUTIFUL, highly brecciated and with nice tan-colored fusion crust typical of the Aubrites.

This meteorite is extremely hard to get, and these pieces are cut from Bob Haag's private collection specimen.


Cumberland Falls 1: 18.03 gram partslice with crust. $3600.00

                   Cumberland Falls 1, reverse side. 84mm x 43 mm x 2 mm.

Cumberland Falls 2: 1.3290 gram partslice with crust. SOLD

               Cumberland Falls 3: 0.3644 gram partslice. SOLD