Iron, (IVB-ANOM) Ataxite. Chinga was discovered in Tanna Tuva, Russia in the streambed of the Chinga River, in 1913. Since then, several hundred pieces have been recovered by meteorite hunters. Most specimens are ripped shrapnel-like pieces, so the meteorite ripped apart very violently upon entry. Around 500 kilos are known. This is a very nice ataxite (no structure). It polished to a near mirror finish. It is also a very hard meteorite, difficult to cut and very hard to polish.


 Chinga 1: 106 gram slice. $212.00

Chinga 2: 87.6 gram partslice. $175.00



Chinga 3: 97.3 gram slice. $195.00

Chinga 4: 113 gram slice. $226.00

Chinga 5: 92.2 gram slice. $185.00

Chinga 6: 79.8 gram slice. $160.00