Campo del Cielo (Silicated)

Campo del Cielo, Iron (IAB) coarse octahedrite.  This meteorite was found in Chaco Province, Argentina in 1576. Thousands of pieces have been found, including a 15 TON specimen. Most Campo is very old rusted-out material, very unstable and ugly. However three years ago, a new area was located up in the hills, and the specimens are in almost pristine condition in this area! Some pieces have traces of fusion crust and many flow lines! I moved over two TONS of material two years ago, and then the source dried up almost overnight.

These are silicate inclusions in Campo, large nodules that are olivine-rich! VERY interesting material.

Campo silicate 1: 39.40 gram slice. $120.00

Campo silicate 2: 35.31 gram slice. $106.00


Campo silicate 3: 29.60 gram slice. $89.00


Campo silicate 4: 27.61 gram endcut. $85.00


Campo silicate 5: 25.40 gram slice. $77.00

Campo silicate 6: 24.84 gram slice. $75.00