Camel Donga

Achondrite, Eucrite (EUC). The Camel Donga meteorite was found in 1984 on the Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia. Many stones with a total known weight of ~30 kilograms were found. This meteorite is one of the freshest Eucrites on the market even though it is not a witnessed fall! It is known for it's glossy rich-black fusion crust, flow lines, and many oriented stones. It is also a high-metal Eucrite with metal flecks scattered throughout.

I just purchased these pieces from an old collection.

Camel Donga #1. 29.80 gram flight-oriented broken stone. This piece is simply stunning, covered with flow lines everywhere..  $1000.00

  Here is another view of Camel Donga #1. Note the flow lines that run from the right back to the left. On this specimen, where there is fusion crust, there are flow lines! About 1/3 of this specimen is broken off.

Click here for more photos. Photo 1

Camel Donga 2: 17.442 gram endcut. This side shows fantastic glossy fusion crust and flow lines. $610.00


View of the cut surface of Camel Donga #2.


Camel Donga 3: 11.466 gram partslice. $400.00


Camel Donga 4: 7.182 gram complete individual. $251.00

Camel Donga 5: 5.202 gram endcut. $182.00

Back view of Camel Donga #5 showing the fusion crusted backside of this piece.

Camel Donga 6: 7.65 gram endcut. $268.00

Camel Donga #6, Here is another view of this  specimen. You can see that the fusion-crusted side is nothing but flow lines!