This spectacular Diogenite fell on October 27th, 1999, Burkina Faso. TKW ~25 kilos? The local villagers heard several loud explosions but saw nothing as the sky was obscured by clouds that day. A few moments later they saw many stones falling over a large area of scrub brush land that surrounds the small local villages.

I made two trips to Burkin Faso in 2000, and recovered many pieces from the field. There is no more being found now, and the market has absorbed almost all of the Bilanga available. It is one of the rarest meteorite falls in a very long time, so it is a must for any serious collection. This is a very interesting brecciated meteorite with tan glassy crystals, similar to enstatite in the Aubrites. It does have some metal. It is quite a spectacular meteorite. Bilanga is one of those falls that collectors in the future will find crucial but hard to get.

Bilanga 1: 73.58 gram fragment. $2900.00

Bilanga 2: 15.50 gram fragment. $465.00

Bilanga 3: 16.10 gram fragment. $805.00

Bilanga 4: 15.10 gram fragment. $755.00

Bilanga 5: 4.85 gram fragment. $242.00

Bilanga 6: 2.93 gram fragment. $147.00