Bassikounou (H5)

Bassikounou, Hodh Ech Chargui, Mauritania

Fall: 16 October 2006; 04:00 UTC

Ordinary chondrite (H5)

A massive fireball split the sky over northern Mauritania and southern Western Sahara. Many people saw the meteorite fall, and later that day, local people began finding the black stones strewn across the desert. The strewnfield is massive, more than 23 km long, likely much larger. Hundreds of stones were found, with an unknown total known weight, but more than 100 kilograms. This meteorite was bought up by the collecting community pretty rapidly, and I myself purchased more than 30 kilograms of stones. Most of the meteorites I bought are being locked away in secure storage for the future.  I must sell a few to offset the major investment though.

This is one of the nicest and freshest new meteorites on the market.

Read all about the Bassikounou meteorite fall at this link.

Bassikounou 1:  146.6 gram fragment. $587.00

Bassikounou 1: backside, showing nice fresh interior matrix.


Bassikounou 2: 401 gram 100% fusion-crusted individual. $1600.00

Bassikounou 2: Backside, incredible flawless stone, with large metal vein.

Bassikounou 3: ~98% Complete individual, 103 grams. $515.00

Bassikounou 4: Complete flawless individual, 127.8 grams. $639.00

Bassikounou 5: Complete individual, 35.1 grams. $175.00

Bassikounou 6: Complete individual, 17.75 grams. $89.00