Stony-iron, Pallasite, (PAL). The Admire meteorite was found in Lyon County, Kansas in 1881. Many pieces have been found with a total know weight of over 1 ton. Admire is a nice pallasite but know to be very unstable sometimes. It tends to rust badly.

Last year I exchanged some fragments out of the Arizona State University collection, which was from large Nininger piece. All of these pieces were from that specimen which fell apart from oxidation. What is left are large olivine crystals and some metal-rich pieces.

These pieces are all from Nininger #8CX and all come with a copy of the ASU label to prove provenance. Whatever oxidation damage that was going to happen has already occurred with these pieces, so they should remain in good condition from now on. However, they do come in plastic display boxes, sealed and filled with desiccant beads to prevent moisture from entering.


Admire 1: 10.45 gram cut fragment. $115.00

Admire 2: 22.17 gram cut fragment. $250.00

Admire 3: 18.49 gram cut fragment. $200.00

Admire 4: 5.20 gram cut fragment. $75.00


Admire 5: 4.71 gram partslice. $50.00

Admire 6: 10.28 gram cut fragment. $115.00