Calico Rock

This very rare iron meteorite was found in Izard County, Arkansas, in 1938. A single mass weighing only 7.275 kilograms was found. It was identified by  Ron Oriti, who bought the meteorite. This is a rare type, a (IIAB) Hexahedrite. Ni content 5.45%. Very little of this meteorite is in private collections, with most in major museums. I purchased all of the Calico Rock that was left in the Oriti Collection, and these three pieces are all that is available.


Calico Rock 1: 35.28 gram partslice. $1,400.00


Calico Rock 2: 35.04 gram partslice. $1,400.00

Calico Rock 3: 34.26 gram partslice. $1,400.00

Calico Rock is a very rare iron, with less than 500 grams in private hands. The price is based on so little being available and this meteorite is for the serious iron meteorite collector. Cutting and preparation costs were also extremely high as the Hexahedrites need expert preparation and polishing to show the fine Neumann lines.