March 2002, Morocco

Bensour in an LL6 breccia, fell on Feb 10, 2002 at approximately 4:00 pm in eastern Morocco and western Algeria. Several hundred small stones fall, the largest being a 9.2 kilogram individual which broke into 3 large pieces on impact. This piece and several other large ones of over 1 kilos landed in Algeria, just across the border from Morocco. The smaller stones mostly landed in Morocco. The strewnfield was about 5 kilometers long and quite compact. I went to Morocco on March 13th, one month after the fall and bought most of the entire fall. A few kilos had already been shipped to other dealers but the majority was still there. In 48 hours, and about 500 miles of driving, I scored big on this one!

This was a very successful meteorite fall chase.

This is a photo of myself holding the main mass, a 9.2 kilo stone broken into three pieces. I am dressed in local Tuareg outfit called a "Jeleba" as this photo was taken in a very dangerous area on the Algerian border.

I took this photo of most of my haul of 18.7 kilos of the Bensour fall. Some very nice stones there!

This is a Berber nomad from whom I purchased many specimens of Bensour.