NWA 2977

Single stone, found 2005 in Algeria. Total known weight, 233 grams.

This meteorite is currently being classified by Dr. Ted Bunch of Northern Arizona University and Dr. Tony Irving of the University of Washington.

This is a very small Lunar meteorite, not much available to collectors. I had it cut in Germany with a wire saw, so the slices are perfect, most with fusion crust and very large surface to weight ratio.

As you can see, this meteorite is beautiful, fresh tan to yellow crystal matrix with nice maskelynite shock veins.

Here you can clearly see the perfect fresh black fusion crust. To me it looks like Zagami fusion crust. This shows just how fresh this spectacular meteorite is.


NWA 2977, 1: 5.58 gram slice. 56 mm by 46 mm by 1 mm.


NWA 2977, 2: 2.61 gram partslice. 32 mm by 30mm by 1 mm.


NWA 2977, 3: 2.18 gram partslice. 41 mm by 30mm by 0.75 mm.


NWA 2977, 4: 2.08 gram partslice. 30 mm by 26 mm by 1 mm.


NWA 2977, 5: 1.34 gram cut fragment. 14 mm by 11 mm by 8 mm.


NWA 2977, 6: 1.08 gram partslice. 31 mm by 16 mm by 1 mm.


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