Specimen weight: 74.60 grams

Cut from main mass, Robert Haag Collection

Stone, Achondrite Shergottite (SNC) MARTIAN

The Zagami meteorite fell in Nigeria on October 3, 1962, narrowly missing a farmer in his field. This meteorite weighed 18.1 kilograms. Only one stone was found. Zagami is one of the Martian meteorites, proven to be from the planet Mars, ejected by massive impact, and falling to Earth as meteorites. There are now nearly 65 known Martian meteorites but only 4 are witnessed falls, Shergotty, Nakhla, Chassigny, and Zagami.


Large partial slice, 150 mm by 98 mm by 2 mm thick. some saw marks visible. Large black glass veins.
Photo of the slice edge, showing the glossy fusion crust on the Zagami meteorite.

Photo of the Zagami matrix close-up.