2,273 gram complete slice from Nininger/ASU collections, #193H.6. I acquired this slice in an exchange with the
Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies which has many of the Nininger Collection meteorites. This slice was just polished and etched, and as you can see, is a wonderful specimen.

3,075 gram complete individual in as-found condition. This piece measures 190 mm by 150 mm by  50 mm.


The Henbury meteorite was found in Northern Territory, Australia in 1931. Many craters were found in the desert close together and over 2000 kilograms of meteorites have been found. Henbury is an Iron, medium Octahedrite (IIIA). The Henbury craters are from a few hundred down to a few meters in diameter. The largest crater has glassy impactite surrounding it attesting to the incredible energy released upon impact.


6,333 gram complete individual in as-found condition. It measures 300 mm by 165 mm by 70 mm thick.

6,333 gram specimen, backside. Note the odd, elongated shape of this piece.