ZAGAMI Achondrite, Shergottite, (SNC). The Zagami meteorite was the second Shergottite witnessed fall. This meteorite fell in Nigeria in 1962, on October 3rd. It is a basalt, and is one of the SNC grouplet from the planet Mars! A single stone fell, narrowly missing a farmer working in his field. This meteorite is one of the classics, very rare and a very good buy right now. The price is rising again on this meteorite and it is quite difficult to get!



Zagami 1: 10.13 gram partslice with fusion crust. SOLD

  Zagami  2: 6.13 gram partslice. $4900.00


Zagami  3: 4.91 gram partslice. $3925.00

  Zagami  4: 3.32 gram partslice. $2650.00

Zagami  5: 0.92 gram partslice. SOLD

Zagami  6: 0.34 gram partslice. SOLD