The Zag meteorite fell in Southern Morocco on August 4th or 5th 1998. It is a very nice brecciated H3-6 chondrite. This beautiful chondrite is very rare, one of only two meteorites (Zag and Monahans 1998) that are known to contain purple Halite (salt) crystals! These salt crystals contain water, LIQUID WATER, Monahans made world news by having a large purple salt crystal with a bubble of water that was visible.

Most Zag pieces recovered were large broken fragments. I have a source who collects meteorites in that area who got me a few nice small complete pieces. Below are some of the best, I have pulled them from my own collection. You can find Zag Cheaper, but you won't find better quality pieces! These will increase in value in the years to come! 

Zag 1: Zag 2: 125.9 gram individual $1000.00

                    Zag 2: 18.85 gram individual, 99.9% complete. $151.00

Zag 3: 48.95 gram individual. $392.00

 Zag 4: 12.36 gram 100% fusion crusted individual $125.00

Zag 5: 23.17 gram broken individual. $186.00

                        Zag 6: 7.79 gram individual. SOLD

Zag 7: 16.90 gram individual. $136.00

Zag 8: 15.00 gram oriented individual with rollover lip. $125.00