NWA 2059


Found 2003

Achondrite (diogenite, polymict)

A 36 g partially crusted and complete stone was purchased in Erfoud, July 2003. Classification and mineralogy (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU): plentiful, angular orthopyroxene clasts of considerable compositional range (Fs17.7-47.5Wo1.9-4.2) and a few large plagioclase clasts (An8191.6) together with sparse cumulate and basaltic eucrite clasts. Clast modes: diogenite, 87 vol. %; eucrite, 9 vol. %; plagioclase clasts 2 % and shock clasts, 2 vol. %. Small metal inclusions (< 0.01 mm) in diogenite pyroxenes have very low Ni (0.15-0.37 wt%). Cumulate basaltic pyroxenes average Fs41.6Wo24.6. Overall mildly shocked; very little weathering. Specimens: type specimen 7.3 g, NAU; main mass, Boswell.

 I purchased this main mass from the owners at the Denver show. No piece of this meteorite has been sold, only one end cut off to get the meteorite classififed. The polymict Diogenites are rare, and this one is an entire mass!

NWA 2059: 25.07 gram cut individual/MAIN MASS . SOLD

Here is a view of the top of this meteorite.

Here you can see nice thick crust with flow lines.

Another view of the wonderful cut face.