NWA 1943

This Howardite is so fresh and full of different meteorite clasts that it is virtually a meteorite collection in each slice! It was found in 2001 in Morocco and was a single complete stone that weighed 1,220 grams. Here is the exact data submitted to the Nomenclature Committee. "NWA 1943; a 1220 gram complete stone was purchased in Erfoud in April 2002. :mostly fine-grained with rare, large clasts of fine-grained eucrite breccias. Clast moded: diogenites, 44 vol. %; basaltic eucrites, 17%; cumulate eucrites, 13%; basaltic breccias, 6%; and shocked clasts, 20%. Diogenite pyroxenes, Chromite, and metal Ni=5.2. Specimen is remarkably fresh with shiny crust and no oxidation around metal grains."

This is a perfect meteorite to fill out any type collection and great fur any museum display to show what a Howardite is.  

NWA 1943, 1: 5.786 gram partslice. $578.00

       NWA 1943, 2: 15.76 gram partslice. SOLD

NWA 1943, 3: 12.15 gram partslice. SOLD

          NWA 1943, 4: 5.433 gram partslice. $543.00 

NWA 1943, 5: 1.106 gram partslice. $110.00