Norton County

Stone, Achondrite, (Aubrite). This wonderful meteorite fell on February 18, 1948 at 4 PM in Kansas, USA. The spectacular daytime fireball was seen all over the Western USA. There were several masses including the main mass, a huge stone weighing 2,360 pounds which made it the largest stony meteorite on Earth until Jilin fell in 1976. This is a very rare meteorite which is almost entirely comprised of enstatite. It is very hard to get nice small specimens of this meteorite since almost 100% is in the University of New Mexico collection. 

These are from a large museum trade which I completed on July 2, 2001. UNM has virtually all of the Norton County in the world, and they are trading very hard for it. I had to offer a large amount of valuable Lunar material to acquire these pieces, thus the price is rising! I did get to hand pick the specimens you see here, so you are guaranteed the best of the best!  You will look for a long time before you find such pieces
crusted Norton County!

NC 1: 33.90 gram fragment, UNM#15256. $1695.00

NC 2: 72.03 gram fragment, UNM#15418. $3600.00

NC 3: 30.14 gram fragment, UNM#15427. $1507.00

NC 4: 8.92 gram fragment, UNM#15140. $446.00


NC 5: 7.34 gram fragment, UNM#15140. $367.00

NC 6: 3.32 gram fragment UNM#16030. SOLD