This CM2 Carbonaceous chondrite fell in Murchison, Australia on September 28, 1969 between 10:45 and 11:00 am. A large shower of stones peppered the town. Over 100 kilograms of meteorites were    found. This was a spectacular fall, as it is a rare type and a large amount fell.

Murchison 1: 16.811 gram cut fragment, no fusion crust. SOLD

Murchison 1: closer photo showing small chondrules and matrix.

Murchison 1: View of the reverse side, showing natural surface.

Murchison 3, 1.64 gram fragment. SOLD

Murchison 4, 4.48 gram cut fragment with crust.


Murchison 5, 1.20 gram fragment with fusion crust. SOLD

Murchison 6, 1.72 gram fragment with crust. SOLD

Murchison 7, 1.28 gram fragment. SOLD