Iron, (IIIAB) Medium octahedrite.

The Henbury meteorite was found in Northern Territory, Australia in 1931. A large crater field was wound, with 13 distinct craters being recognized. All of them had meteorite strewn about, mostly on the surface of the desert. The total known weight of the Henbury meteorite is certainly over 1000 kilograms. The area is now an Australian park, preserved and protected, collecting is forbidden there and export of any Henbury meteorites must be approved. I visited Henbury Meteorites Park in August of 2008. It is thought that the Henbury meteorite fell around 4000 years ago, and was likely seen by the Aboriginal peoples of central Australia. Even today, they are superstitious of this place and do not go there.

Most Henbury was exported long before Australia's restrictive laws took affect, so it is often seen on the meteorite collecting market, however, large specimens are quite rare, and not seen these days. Large slices of Henbury are exceedingly rare.


This photo shows me at the entrance to the Henbury Craters park. August, 2008

 Henbury 1: 208.3 gram slice. $833.00

170mm x 110mm x 2mm

Henbury 2: 190 gram slice. $760.00

160mm x 108mm x 2mm

Henbury 3: 116.5 gram individual. $291.00

82mm x 40mm x 20mm

Henbury 4: 97.7 gram slice. $390.00

105mm x 78mm x 2mm

Henbury 5: 492.4 gram slice. $1950.00

150 mm x 130 mm x 5 mm PHOTO 2

Henbury 6: 51.3 gram individual. $130.00