Gibeon (IVA)

Iron (IVA) fine octahedrite. Gibeon is without a doubt, the best iron on the market. It was first found in 1836, in the desert of Namibia. Several thousand pieces have been found, many tons total known weight. Gibeon is the most stable iron known, therefore it is very good for use in jewelry and making other items out of meteorite. Thousands of kilos have been cut up and used in this way. Gibeon used to be the most plentiful meteorite, but is very difficult to acquire at this time, due to the strewnfield depletion and the fact that export from Namibia is illegal now. This is a crucial meteorite for ANY collection. The Widmanstaaten pattern is the best fine octahedrite out there.


Gibeon 1:  713 gram complete individual. $1000.00


Gibeon 2: 587 gram complete individual. $825.00


Gibeon 3: Complete slice, 218 grams. $440.00

Gibeon 4: Complete slice, 732 grams. $1400.00

185 mm by 150 mm by 4 mm. Finished and etched on both sides. This slice is also unique in that it has a shock deformation which you can see in the photo, dividing the slice up.

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Gibeon 5: Complete slice, 136.6 grams. $275.00

Gibeon 6: Complete slice, 82.4 grams. $170.00