LL6, fell in Morocco and Algeria, November, 2004 at 11:45 PM local.

The Benguerir meteorite fell on November 22, 2004 at ~11:45 GMT in Morocco. Benguerir is classified as an ordinary chondrite, LL6. A bright fireball followed be a meteorite shower was observed to fall near Benguerir (~50 kilometers due north of Marrakech) by villagers. The fall had an east-to-west trajectory. The estimated total mass recovered is ~25-30 kilograms. Many stones fell over several villages. I was in Morocco only days after this fall, investigating the Al Mahbas Pallasite down in Western Sahara, but due to major military problems in that dangerous area, I had to flee the country without going to Bengueir. This is one of the only recent meteorite falls that I never got to chase on the ground.

This is a very nice meteorite, brecciated with melt pockets. This piece is pristine, some soil in the crust from the impact, but never rained on.


Benguerir 1: 180.7 gram individual $1800.00